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Phil Beck

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Phil Beck has taught writing from all angles, but especially enjoys working on college application essays because they can reveal so much about students in a compact format. He graduated from the University of Southern California and received his bachelor’s in Film & Television, with an emphasis on theory and analysis. After graduation, Phil moved to South Korea where he worked as a writing instructor and college advisor. He has also moonlighted as a translator for stage play scripts and creative consultant for international film festivals. Phil enjoys cooking as much as eating, and is often found trying out new recipes in his kitchen when he is not busy marking up essays. His current obsession is his air fryer, which makes perfectly-crisp honey wasabi chicken wings. He believes that good writing should also have a medley of ingredients, with the right amount of zest and a little kick.

Phil’s college essay was about the evolution of early man (he really enjoyed high school biology) compared to his own leap into adulthood.

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