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Lina Vitkauskas

Ivy Divider

Lina Vitkauskas has read hundreds of college essays—from supplementals to personal statements—and is genuinely excited to help students tell their stories. She is an Associate Member of the IECA and has an M.A. in English: Composition & Rhetoric with emphasis in Creative Writing from Wright State University. She is certified in both AP Testing (DePaul University) and TESOL (Global Leadership College, Toronto). While helping students with their college admissions essays, she learned the magic secret to writing the perfect essay (disclaimer: there is no magic secret and no one is perfect). What she actually learned was that she was pretty good at helping international students gain confidence to write about themselves compellingly, cleverly, and concisely. Lina is also an award-winning, published poet who has taught workshops for the Chicago School of Poetics. She is the co-creator of a children’s book to raise awareness about US immigration issues and the plight of refugees, and has worked with refugees for a large, resettlement organization in Chicago. Lina is a global citizen with her hands and feet planted firmly in Canada and formerly in the US (Chicago) as well as the EU (Lithuania).

Though Lina can’t remember what her college essay was about, she does remember that she graduated high school when she was only 16, and ended up receiving her high school diploma before getting her driver’s license!

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