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Allen Grove

Ivy Divider

Allen Grove has been teaching English at the college level for 25 years, and he has over 12 years of experience helping applicants get into their dream schools. He’s chair of the English Department at Alfred University where he regularly teaches classes such as first-year composition, Tales of Terror, Literature and Science, and Jane Austen. He’s edited over a dozen 19th-century British novels, and he teaches the art of editing in his Publishing Practicum class. As the college admissions expert for, his 1000+ articles have guided millions of college applicants during the admissions process.

Allen’s educational journey is a bit unusual. As an undergraduate at MIT, he majored in Materials Science and Engineering but put off graduate school to spend a fifth year earning a second degree in Literature. During that extra year, he was one of four male residential students at Wellesley College, and he also took courses at Harvard. To the horror of his parents, he then chose the humanities over engineering and went on to earn his PhD in English from the University of Pennsylvania (his parents have since forgiven him). 

Allen’s college essay had more cleverness than substance, but it did make some profound points about eating broccoli. He’s pretty sure he was admitted to MIT in spite of, not because of, his essay.

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