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University of Georgia 2022-23 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

University of Georgia 2022-23 Application Essay Question Explanations 

The Requirements: 1 essays of 200-300 words

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Oddball

The college admissions process can create anxiety. In an attempt to make it less stressful, please tell us an interesting or amusing story about yourself from your high school years that you have not already shared in your application. (200-300 words) *Required

The University of Georgia knows that college applications can be stressful as heck! The admissions department at UGA wants to give you the opportunity to tell a fun story and show them what it would be like to hang with you. This is where you can let your silly, humorous sideshow, recounting the hilarious tale that still makes your family members howl with laughter (so long as it’s admissions-appropriate, of course!). Or perhaps try approaching this prompt from the “interesting” rather than the “amusing” angle, recounting the time your Sicilian grandmother taught you how to make spaghetti from scratch. The only real requirement here is that you tell a colorful story, so make sure your essay has a clear narrative arc with a beginning, middle, and end. And of course, in addition to telling admissions something new, aim to entertain them with your lively, descriptive prose!  

We try our best to make sure our guides are as up to date as possible, but we still recommend confirming each prompt and word count with the school in question.
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