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CEA’s College Essay Writing Summer Programs

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Summer is more fun when you’re not swimming in college essays, which is why CEA’s college essay writing summer programs helps students climb on the essay boat early and polish things off before they can say “Hawaiian Tropic.” While students don’t want to hear it at first, nothing is more valuable to an impending college applicant than directing some treasured summer fun time towards the college application essay; which is why we offer a variety of resources to help students drum up their courage and dive into the process:

Summer services include:

  • The Warm Up: Topic brainstorming sessions help you identify your most viable essay subjects, so you’re not stuck treading water, wondering what to write about.

  • The First Lap: Brainstorming plus an outline plotting consultation helps you build the backbone of the essay, providing a full story plan and guiding markers to keep you in your chosen lane as you write.

  • The Full Relay: A complete essay consultation program, including counseling from the point of brainstorm through the final edit. We can help you cross that finish line in record time.

Even if only to get a jump start on the process, we encourage all of our students to book summer services as early in the year as possible. Without the stresses of AP classes, SAT testing, five-day-a-week sports practices, and the many other obligations of modern student life, the summer months allow students a rare moment to brainstorm, outline and draft essays without overwhelming distraction. Like so many pressure-filled tasks, writing the college essay isn’t as tough when you have time to spare; and free time is much more thoroughly enjoyed when your most dreaded tasks have already been attended to. So get a leading lap on your college essays!

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