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Can I download the videos? Or use them for any purpose?

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Afraid not. Our videos are only available for streaming, but streaming videos are awesome – especially since you can access them on iOS, Roku, and the web through the VHX app! Also, our videos and materials are protected through the various copyright and intellectual property laws of the USA, so no unauthorized use is permitted, and all of our rights are reserved to protect our videos and materials. In addition, upon purchasing the course, you will have to agree to VHX’s standard terms, conditions, and policies, one of which is VHX’s right to terminate your access to the videos before your one-year term is up in VHX’s discretion, which is likely only to happen if VHX or College Essay Academy determines that you are misusing the access/videos or doing something you shouldn’t be doing, such as sharing the videos—so please don’t do anything like that! If for any reason your access is terminated by VHX or College Essay Academy before your one year is up, you will NOT be reimbursed for your purchase price (or any portion thereof), and neither VHX nor College Essay Academy will be liable for any damages and specifically disclaims any such liability. That being said, if your access is terminated and you did not do anything wrong, contact us at, and we’ll try to get to the bottom of it!

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