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Agnes Scott College

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Please tell us why you chose to apply to Agnes Scott College? (50-100 words)

At Agnes Scott, we believe that leadership is more than position. Describe at least one quality of leadership that you have learned in high school either through direct experience or by observation of another leader? (5-50 words)

What global issue can you imagine yourself addressing during your time at Agnes Scott? (5-50 words)

If you are involved in community service, what project has been your favorite and why? (5-50 words)

If you could visit anywhere, where would you go and why?

What’s your favorite book you have read outside the classroom (not assigned reading) and why?

Are you interested in participating in: Basketball, Softball, Cross Country, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer? List and rank the sport(s) in order of priority. (30 words max)

Please indicate your current experience for your number one sport choice. (30 words max)

Think of a leader that you admire. How has this person influenced you? (5-100 words)

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